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Floral collection 


Porcelain and bone china are one of the most difficult clay bodies to use. The results however are a snow white fragile work of art yet the durability like porcelain is strong and non porous, light in weight that  transfers natural light inside and out of the surface. 


Each vase and object is created with a slow and methodical approach. Practice, passion and a devotion to the practice of fine art has lead the work to be sold and displayed in high end design stores and collected world wide.  


group cabbage leaf_edited.jpg

Carefully picking flowers and creating a unique arrangement on each vessel mirrors the way each segment is an entity of its own.


Every gesture I make as I roll, paddle and build allows the clay to metamorphose into a full body, moving upwards and outwards or inwards becoming narrow and intimate. The final phase involves deciding on the types of brushes and the right moment to glaze, or leave unglazed inside and out, turning the finger marks into a visual landscape.

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